Conditions of sale

On this site the purchase of Design Home Group products is reserved for freelance professionals with a VAT number and for businesses.

How to purchase through the website

1. Sign up and log in;

If you have not signed up yet, you can do so now .

2. Browse the catalogue and choose products

The online catalogue is divided into different product categories and sub-categories. Once you have identified the desired product, enter the quantity (taking into account the stated minimum packs) and colour for each item.
Confirm your selection by clicking on the trolley icon.
Continue in the same way for each product that you wish to purchase.
Please note: if you require the same item in different colours, you will need to repeat the operation above for each colour.

3. Check your trolley

When your order is complete, or if you simply wish to see a summary of your order, click on the trolley symbol (top right) to view a list of all selected items. From this list you can increase/decrease quantities or remove items.
If you do not wish to edit the order, click on “confirm”.
Please note: if you have not reached the minimum order amount (€800.00 excluding VAT) the purchase procedure cannot be completed.

4. Choose a date and make your payment

Click on “payment and date of delivery”. Fill in the fields (if they have not already been entered by the company).

5. Transport

For any total order price (excluding VAT) below € 1500.00, a transport charge equal to 5% of the value of the order will be applied. Above € 1500.00, shipping is free of charge.

6. Confirmation and shipping

Click on “confirm order”:
Once the order has been confirmed it will automatically be sent to Design Home Group, who will check that the procedure has been completed correctly, and will then in turn send a copy of the order (PDF file with photos and Excel file with product characteristics) to be confirmed definitively by the purchaser.
The goods will be sent, according to availability, for the estimated delivery dates (indicated in the online catalogue).

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